Products Liability

Products liability cases can present challenges not often seen in more traditional personal injury and wrongful death claims. The issues involved in handling such a claim can be both legally and scientifically complex. We have successfully handled products liability cases varying from issues of metallurgy concerning wheelchairs to food products to locking devices on walk-in rescue vehicles. Quite often, depending on the nature of the product and resulting injury, the financial stakes are significant. When nationally marketed products are involved, the stakes are even higher raising additional challenges that must be met by those with sufficient expertise and experience to recognize and address the issues. With thousands or more of identical products in use, such a case has the potential to set a dangerous precedent, and create an enormous financial exposure to the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. We have represented manufacturers, distributors, and retailers at trial and understand the critical importance of choosing the right expert for each case.

At Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker, we work closely with national counsel to avoid “reinventing the wheel”. We provide an aggressive approach to case management, which offers our clients the ability to resolve cases more quickly, while our extensive trial expertise provides clients the option of taking the matter to trial if no other alternative method of resolution prevails. We recognize that clients not only want advice, but more importantly they want results.