Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has been successfully defending individuals, businesses, insurers, self-insureds, and government entities in litigation involving catastrophic brain injuries (and defending T.B.I.’s without objective findings) to spinal cord injuries to fatalities. We have defended claims arising from automobile and commercial trucking accidents to construction site catastrophic injuries.

Our attorneys have defended a wide variety of cases arising out of premises liability claims from hotels, public swimming pools, vacation homes, retail businesses, grocery stores, restaurants, to shopping centers. Our attorneys understand the necessity to have a working knowledge of the various statutes (from Building Codes to Inspection requirements) that expedite the evaluation of such claims. We have also defended premises security cases from settlement to trial.

We also handle dram shop cases which present unique issues. Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has the experience to deal with matters from early investigation including obtaining statements of known witnesses to early efforts to determine listing of patrons to the licensing issues of the owners. Florida does not allow the tortfeasor/intoxicated individual to be placed on the verdict; in other words, any fault of the part of the intoxicant will not reduce any fault of the tavern owner which creates additional challenges for the defense, all of which our attorneys have dealt with on a regular basis. Our philosophy in defending these types of cases is premised on a swift determination of the potential damages and exposure of our client. We understand the necessity of a quick and accurate assessment of the specific facts of each case, which when combined with our knowledge of the law, allows us to expediently and effectively formulate recommendations regarding defense strategy.

In recommending and implementing our defense strategy, we have an established network of accident reconstructionists, engineers, and medical experts to assist in the investigation, evaluation, and defense of these claims. We communicate with our clients regularly, updating them with our assessment of the advantages, risks, and projected costs of litigation. Our attorneys have many years of experience in negotiating settlements, winning summary judgments, and prevailing in front of juries throughout Northwest Florida. We are seasoned trial lawyers with a passion for what we do, and who enjoy the challenge of aggressively defending our clients in front of Northwest Florida juries, while at the same time, understanding that the successful defense of our client does not always involve the risk and expense of a jury trial.

Personal Injury and general casualty cases include a wide range of challenges. The defense of these claims contains one inherent difficulty; efficiently determining the client’s true exposure and striving for an equally swift and favorable conclusion. Successfully resolving these cases requires lawyers who possess the vision to adhere to this principle, the breadth of experience to act effectively, and the resources to carry out the necessary tasks. For decades, our attorneys have demonstrably met the challenge of defending many types of general casualty cases. We attribute our accomplishments to a formidable base of attorney knowledge which acts in conjunction with our dedication to aggressive representation of every client’s perspective. This combination allows us not only to meet the challenge, but also to achieve results.

Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker’s attorneys are active in the education of the good faith duties and obligations of insurance companies in the State of Florida as to all aspects of litigation. Our knowledge of this area of the law and our experience in representing insurers accused of both first and third party bad faith has allowed us to develop an intricate understanding of claims handling practices necessary to avoid, or if necessary defend a bad faith claim. We regularly advise insurers on cases involving significant injuries and death, allocation of insurance policy proceeds amongst multiple parties, and the evaluation and payment (if warranted) of claims in a timely manner.

Our expertise and experience has been instrumental in assisting insurers resolve difficult claims and avoid lengthy, complicated and often multiple trials and appeals. WPS attorneys have defended carriers in Bad Faith claims and trials have defended their Insureds in the underlying cases. In order to quickly evaluate underlying claims and any possible exposure that may be a risk, it is vital to understand the direction the claim could take. Therefore Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has invaluable experience and understanding of Bad Faith litigation and what impact that has on underlying claims. Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has significant experience in global settlements and the urgency presented by such cases.