Employment Law

Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has an active and successful employment law practice that places a strong emphasis on the prevention of claims as well as the defense of claims. The Firm understands the need of businesses to manage their employees while at the same time understand the need for legal boundaries to be placed on employers in responding to employee issues and problems. The Firm has provided numerous seminars to clients, including insurance companies and banking entities, on the effective management of employees, in addition to the necessity for thorough documentation to prevent claims of discrimination and avoid lawsuits. Where litigation is needed, the Firm has successfully represented corporate and public sector clients in a variety of employment matters, including federal and state litigation arising from claims involving Title VII, The Family and Medical Leave Act, the Florida Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, Whistleblower Acts (Federal and State), Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the Equal Pay Act with successful defense verdicts.