HOA - D&O Liability

Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker has successfully defended Directors and Officers of Florida corporations and nonprofit organizations in matters arising out of their professional duties. Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker tailors its services to the unique needs of each professional and organization it serves. The firm has assisted in matters concerning the indemnification of directors and officers, as well as compliance with articles of incorporation and declaration documents. The firm also has experience drafting business agreements for corporations and nonprofits organizations, and the attorneys at Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker have experience with claims arising under the Florida Business Corporation Act and its relationship to organizations' governing articles.

Homeowners Associations and Condominium Owners Associations generally derive their power from declarations and Florida statutes, which can contain specific covenants and intricate restrictions on property use. Property rights vary depending on a variety of factors, and Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker's attorneys are skilled in interpreting the rights and restrictions that apply to each unique Association. Moreover, the firm has assisted Boards of Directors with ongoing compliance with declaration terms in order to avoid litigation. The firm has defended a wide variety of matters from compliance matters for Homeowners Associations to multi-million dollar Condominium Owners Association claims, and Wade, Palmer & Shoemaker prides itself on devoting detailed attention to each matter, regardless of the size of the claim or issue.