Land Use - City, County & Local Government

Planning, zoning and environmental issues related to the development of land can disrupt construction and business processes as well as impair investments and destabilize projected profits. Whether you are a developer, homeowner or local government, a land use attorney can help you navigate Florida’s highly technical regulatory development scheme.

Ms. Crawford has an extensive litigation practice and is familiar with all aspects of local government land use law, property development and growth management regulations, including comprehensive plans, zoning, subdivision regulations and related environmental issues. Meredith’s practice focuses primarily on community association law and resolving planning, zoning and environmental land issues. This includes permitting, drafting plan amendments and representing clients before city and county commissions, councils and boards.

Less than ½ of one percent of Florida’s attorneys are Board Certified in City, County & Local Government Law. As one of the only six board certified local government attorneys in the Panhandle and outside of Tallahassee, Meredith is ready to assist clients in Northwest Florida and throughout the state with the review, preparation and processing of amendments to comprehensive plans and land development regulations; the filing and processing of traditional rezoning; variance and other applications; the negotiation and preparation of developer agreements; the establishment of methods for financing public improvements; government procurement; representation relating to impact fees and capital charges; and all other aspects of representation before local, regional and state agencies. This may include federal constitutional claims, eminent domain proceedings, construction disputes and actions for inverse condemnation, claims brought under the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act, and claims alleging violations of local government comprehensive plans and in hearings seeking the approval of proposed comprehensive plan amendments.

In addition to her qualifications as a board-certified local government attorney, Ms. Crawford is a certified land use planner (AICP) recognized by the American Planning Association for her education, experience, breadth of knowledge, ethical practice and commitment to the planning profession. This broad range of expertise allows our firm to clients in a broad range of areas, including construction, transportation, water, energy and environment, public safety, housing, community/economic development, education, workforce development, human services, public health, tax and pension matters – touching every local government issue. Our local government practice focuses on issues involving the home rule authority of local governments, the development of alternative revenue sources, litigation and legislation. Our attorneys practicing in the area of Local Government Law have a wide breadth of experience in the day-to-day issues facing local government attorneys, such as public records, the sunshine law, ethics, public procurement, the elections code, and all aspects of Florida Constitutional law. Our knowledge, paired with our experience in advocacy, enables us to function as an indispensable part of your team.